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Ever wished of a way to combine cycling, training, and running all into one? Finally, there is a new way of doing just that! It is called the ElliptiGo. This product is changing the way people are going about their everyday lives. It is a different way of reaching all kinds of demographics, young and old. Elliptical cycling is revolutionizing fitness and training before our very own eyes. As a result, it is breaking into a new industry and introducing new methods of working out for everyone.

“I used to be able to exercise regularly and feel great. But due to injury, this ability has been taken from me. I want a way to get this feeling back and stay fit and healthy without putting strain on my body, and without being trapped indoors.”

This quote from the ElliptiGo website shows the interest of customers to better their selves in different ways. In addition, it shows the want and need of this new industry and product. Rather than choosing between running, cycling, or training, why not choose this brand-new product to fulfill all three. ElliptiGo meets all of these requests, and is just the product for you. The ElliptiGo brand looks to implement caring, inspiration, innovation, fun, and integrity into all of their products. As a result, each customer will feel as if they are getting everything that they asked for from their purchase.

Our Staff

Stop in to our local shop today to take a look around and give our ElliptiGo a test run. We are located in downtown Plattsburgh on Durkee St. Our trusted staff and skilled workers will help assist you with any question you might have about the product. In addition, we will teach you all about the ins and outs of this brand new product. Feel free to contact our shop, or online at 518-563-7245.