DPS Now at Maui North!

Behind the DPS Technology

The newest addition to the vast brands offered at Maui North. The DPS make is one of the most trusted and innovative skis in the world. Designers and engineers have made it their goal to use advanced technology to shape the DPS image. The technology behind this ground-breaking ski is referred to as pure prepreg carbon fiber laminates. DPS is the only company making skis with such high-end technology. Carbon has already began revolutionizing the bike and sailing worlds. DPS is attempting to use that technology to break the skiing industry. The right equipment can make all the difference.

Prepreg carbon is pushing professional skiers to new heights, and helping beginners get a jump into the sport. The technology contains the exact distribution of resin for maximum strength and flex, coupled with what you want and need in your skis. The bend, twist, and weight is what differentiates this brand from all others. Performance will improve immensely. As a result, DPS has become one of the most reliable option for your desires. DPS is a one-of-a-kind ski that will build your trust in the product and make you fall in love with the sport of skiing even more.

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DPS skis will help make for a longer shelf life, feeling the same in your tenth season as it did your fist. The brands new products help fuel reverence for mountains, and lead in the quest towards the most progressive ski on the planet. Owners opinions on skiing will be changed into a brighter light. You will not be disappointed with this brand.

Stop in to our local shop today to buy your first pair! We are located in downtown Plattsburgh on Durkee St. Our trusted staff and skilled workers will help fit you for your new DPS skis today. Feel free to contact our shop online or at 518-563-7245.

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